• The slow cooker meal kit club that lets you #slayallday


    Busy Bowl Club


  • What is Busy Bowl Club?



    Busy Bowl is the meal kit plan for the busy food lover to stew, then #slay.

    An environmentally-friendly, thrifty meal plan option that lets you spend less time chopping
    and more time #hustling.



  • Get More For Less

    More food! Less money! And WAY less of your time.

    Busy Bowl Club is the perfect solution for people who want to eat healthy

    but not spend hours in the kitchen.

    Busy Bowl Beta Program

    Be one of the first to try Busy Bowl!

    The Beta program launches in July! The program costs $144 ($48 per week) and includes three weeks of meals. Try it out, let us know what you think and help us make Busy Bowl awesome.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Better for your body, better for the earth.

    Our goal is to provide healthy meals that don't require giant icepacks and huge amounts of plastic waste. This way you get your nutrients without the mess of soggy boxes or messy goo.

    A Thrifty Option for Up-and-Comers on a Budget

    $12 cheaper than most weekly meal plans

    We see you, Millennial. You work hard for the money, and we're here to make sure it goes even further. Our kits cost only $48 a week. That means more $$ for wine!






  • How it works

    Slow Cooking for a Fast Life

    Pricing -


    Includes 3 meals for 2+ people

    Each of our meal kits makes a slow-cooker's worth of food, which could be dinner for 3-4 people, dinner for 2 with packed lunch for tomorrow, or enough to keep a busy single person going for days! Done and done. Everything is included except olive oil, salt, and pepper.

    Delivery -

    Three meals arrive at your doorstep each week

    Our meals ship out through USPS each week. But don't worry, you don't have to rush home to pick up the box and rush it onto the fridge. We rely on nutritious staples like lentils and root vegetables, delectable luxuries like dried Spanish chorizo, and freeze-dried and other innovatively packaged ingredients that retain nutrients without the waste of shipping basically water (and ice!) across the country. So your Busy Bowl box can wait till you get home from work... even if happy hour ends up turning into happy hours.

    Pairing -

    Meal kits give you room for creativity... if you want

    The best thing about the Busy Bowl Club is that you can think about it as much or as little as you want. It takes 5 minutes to throw the ingredients into the slow cooker. If you're feeling ambitious, you could make rice, or a nice salad, or even add an extra protein. But you totally don't have to. We've got you covered.








  • How Busy Bowl Club Compares

    Way more food. Way less work.

    Busy Bowl Club offers lower prices,

    less prep time and healthy options.

    You're busy. We got you.


  • what our first testers are saying

    The convenience here cannot be overstated! Making these meals takes no thought at all. They've also found a way to make a lot of meatless options that are incredibly tasty. -Diana L., 32, Riverside, CA


    Busy Bowl Club is a great time saver, money saver, and frustration saver. The meals were super easy to prepare and the portions were generous and delicious- even my 5 year old loved them! -Christina B, 38, Santa Fe, NM


    These dishes were really creative and were things that I'd never made for myself before. Knowing there was a delicious meal ready for me was a lifesaver on busy days. Having leftovers for the following days was an extra bonus! -Gigi O., 37, Tucson, AZ


    It only takes five minutes in the morning to fill you up and get you back to the rest of your life! -Pierre, 32, Riverside, CA









  • FAQ

    You have questions... we have answers

    Can I pick my meals or skip a week?

    We're so glad you asked!

    Our Beta program is a one-time upfront purchase of three weeks of meal kits. This trial will allow us to work out the kinks (ooh, kinks!) in our fulfillment process and get feedback from you.


    When we launch for real – we're aiming for October – we'll have modern software in place that will allow you to pick your meals, ramp up or ramp down, or pause or cancel your membership at your leisure. No commitment, we can keep it casual (we won't text you at 2am, though).

    How are these shipped, and where do you deliver?

    We're national!

    We deliver anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. All of our shipments go out through USPS. This means you can track your package and meet it at your place! You don't have to be home to get it, though. We don't ship raw meat in the mail (omg).

    What about the vegans?


    It's pretty darn easy to offer vegan options for a slow cooker meal plan! So yes. (But we also love a good sausage, for you meat eaters out there). Depending on the responses to our Request an Invite form below, our Beta program (three-week trial) may not have vegan options, but once we work out our supply chain and other fancy business stuff, we'll have vegan options (multiple options!) all the time.


    Because we are using a shared commercial kitchen and incubator, we cannot guarantee any kits to be nut-free or gluten-free.

    What does it cost?

    Less than other meal kits!

    The Beta program is $144 one-time purchase: $48/week for three weeks, for a total of 9 meal kits.


    Our Beta will help us determine the pricing for our final offering, but our concept is that by keeping down costs on shipping, ice packs, and refrigeration, we can provide you more delicious food for less money (and WAY less time, we are so optimized for time we have basically caused a rift in the space-time continuum).

    What happens when I fill out the form?

    We become BFFs! But we'll play it cool if you want

    You answer a few easy questions (no credit card!), and we'll invite you to join either for the Beta, or when we roll out for real in the fall.


    Also: you get one step closer to becoming a founding member – and a Busy Bowl VIP forever.

    Do I need a slow cooker?

    Yes, but they're a thrifty, lazy food lover's best friend!

    You can get a basic slow cooker (or "Crock-Pot," which is a brand name) for $25-40. Here is a 7 quart model, a more compact 4 quart one, and a really pretty 7 quart one. The fancier models are programmable, but you don't need that. Just make sure it's minimum 4 quarts (not the tiny dorm room kind).


    Never used a slow cooker? Can you toss stuff into a container and flip a switch? And maybe measure some water? You're good! We can help you stay fed!